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Date 23/2/00 published by: Scott
The tabs to most of the stereophonics songs have now been added, and I would like to thank sarah for providing me with them.

17/2/00 published by: Scott
The design of this site is now nearly complete and I am looking for someone who would be willing to write the news for this site. You will be credited for every story you submit. If you are interested in this please e-mail me at

15/2/00 published by: Scott
There's a brief article in Melody Maker confirming that Kelly and the band
have written 9 new songs for the new album including "laying in the sun" as played on the recent tour.
Apparently, recording should begin in July and the songs are more lyrical,
like the recent two albums ("A step forward" according to Kelly) with songs more like "Traffic" and "Hurry Up..."

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The Stereophonics consist of 3 band members, they are

Stuart Cable (Drums),
Kelly Jones (Vocals, Guitars)
Richard Jones (Bass).

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