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Name: Word Gets Around
Catalogue No: vsl10012
Release Date: May 98
You can buy this 40 minute video from all good music stores. Unfortunately, the "exclusive interviews" are nothing more than mumbled introductions to the videos. There are no insights into the inspiration behind Stereophonics, just a bit of gossip about each video. There are videos for 'Local Boy...' (original and re-release), 'Traffic' (Top of The Pops video and proper video), 'A Thousand Trees', 'Not Up To You' and More 'Life In A Tramps Vest'. Two of the videos are available on the two 'Local Boy...' CD's. It is only worth buying if you are a die-hard fan.

Name: Stereophonics live at Cardiff Castle
Catalogue No: vsl 10047
Release Date: November 1998
This video features the entire Stereophonics gig at Cardiff Castle on June 12, 1998. It also includes intercuts with an interview with Kelly, Richard and Stuart which was recorded in the castle on the same day.
The video gives a good impression of the atmosphere which reigned on that day. I really like the video except the mostly static camerawork. That seems quite cheaply made. But nevertheless this video is a must for every Stereophonics fan!

Name: Performance & Cocktails Live at Morfa Stadium
Catalogue No:VSL10093
Release Date: November 1, 1999
Official description: Stereophonics' excellent gig at Morfa Stadium is now available on video in its entirety. Great set including all those classic songs that you've come to love such as: The Bartender And The Thief, Just Looking, and Pick A Part That's New.

The by me and, as I think, many other people long awaited Morfa stadium gig video was finally released at the beginning of November. When I saw it the first time, I wasn't sure about it, and, as I have to say, I'm still not... The video gives a good impression (the black and white scenes are so fantastic) of the amazing gig - I am still so glad that I had decided to go - with 21 songs from the gig (although no "More Life..") and interesting and funny interview and backstage scenes from the day, but what I ask myself is why many of the songs are just half on the video, sometimes just the beginning, sometimes just the end - it shouldn't be.
And why are the camera moves so "hectic"? After criticising the static camera work on the Cardiff castle video, I hoped for more "motion", but not as hectic as on the video....
Anyway, is not that bad as it might sound, I am just over critical, as I think Stereophonics deserve better videos, and the video is worth buying, at least for the backstage cuts.

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