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Too Many Sandwiches

Shopping spree for the family tree
haven't seen your family tree in quite a while.
Too many sandwiches and wine
Sherry stains down your best mans tie
What a speech
The band arrives the granny's cry
Singers tongue's in the barmaids mouth what a voice
Grandpa drunk a drop or two
His heads still stuck in the portaloo
What a man
You bought a sequin dress for your chicken breasts
The disco's late and he's overpaid tonight
You got a diamond ring
And the man who sings the man who sings
Made love to the barmaid twice and that's just tonight
The blue rinsed hairs lift up the chairs the bands too loud
They're off down stairs what a noise
The bride and groom they dance their dance.
The singer mimes and there's still a chance the barmaid smiles


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